A bull’s POV

Nobody gave a toss about the bull…. till now

Hence I,Tamizh Selvi, Farzi journalist, decided to take things into my own hands, and booked a one-way bus ticket to Alanganallur from North India to meet the Bulls there.

It was a sorry state of affairs to see bulls in the prime of their youth aching to fight the rural youth and win accolades for their farmer father, not running wild among crowds, but sitting around chewing on a pile of hay.

A bull’s true purpose is not met unless he humps some … unemployment of bulls

I spoke to the bulls about the extinction of their species if Jallikattu was banned, they looked quite puzzled.

The oldest of the bulls explained to me that they are all artificially inseminated (although they prefer humping) and this can happen irrespective of if they are in sports or not.

Hey also, only a very few bulls are actually Jallikattu bulls, it is not an easy club to get into madam–said a visibly proud bull in his husky Mooing voice

I also spoke to them about the protests happening around the state for the sake of farmers, rural youth and agriculture in the state.  The bulls were supportive of the cause and said that it was a matter of their cultural identity.

The youngest bull jumped to the mike and said

“Farmer, youth, agriculture, villagers – everything is secondary .But a bull’s cultural identity is non-negotiable “.

He was shushed by the others who did not want the truth to be explicitly called out.

There is dire concern about losing their identity and not being able to walk around the village with pride.

Some of these bulls had even requested for funding to train for Olympics, before the Supreme Court banned the Sport .

The bulls were offended when I countered that Jallikattu was not an olympic sport and vowed to protest in huge numbers to get it included. “Olympic committee is pure Human Excreta ” they said

I also got a chance to talk to various Holy Cows and got to know about their mating preferences. Most of them agreed that size does matter and they preferred Jallikattu bull over some “Porampokku” bull.

I could not continue the discussions, as no one really cares about a cow’s opinion, it is called a Moo point. Not to mention, if a cow expressed her opinions, she is labeled as a whore by the bulls. This behavior is quite typical of species with less developed brains.

From my visit, I can safely conclude that Animal Welfare activists do not understand a squat about opinions of Bulls and Cows.

The bulls unanimously agreed that we need Jallikattu and we do Jallikattu. It is a question of the bull’s identity and dignity in the village. No bull wants to lead a life without dignity, pride and of course Olympic medals



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