10 ways to have fun with your classmates before an exam

This article is Chapter 1 ¬†of a new series “How to be a sociopath”.

1. Find someone’s laptop open and post on their FB : “Syllabus done: Call me if you want me to explain anything”

2.Go about asking :” Did you do sample paper 3″? (Assuming there is no sample paper 3)

3. Start a Spam mail chain on something that is very dear to people. Chose a topic that is heavily polarized such as 10 ways to irritate your friendspolitics or school policies

4.Go around telling people “Meine to start hi nahi kiya yaar” (I haven’t started preparations yet)

5. Catch a random classmate and tell him/her “Yaar phati padi hai”. Then ask him/her to explain Problem 1 of chapter 1. Act really really dumb and keep apologizing profusely for wasting their time

6.Sit with a random classmate in the library and ask them to accompany you for tea every 10 mins.

7.Create a fake paper and send to to all saying “Leaked paper”. Make sure some questions are outside the syllabus

9.Keep taking their pic taking a nap or really concentrating on a subject and post that on FB titled “Dean’s lister in the making”, “That’s how it’s done”,

10: Write a pathetic article like this and send to everyone

11. Then tell them that point number 8 is missing


If people still ignore you, or refuse to take part in your time killing spree use sentences like

1.Sale kita padega, PHD karni hai kya

2.Haan haan tum to Einstein ki Aulad ho

3.Abhi kisi ladki ne pucha hota na to padai shadai bhool jata (Assuming you are talkin to a guy, change according to gender preference of the person)

4.Itna asaan syllabus hai

5.Mein 10 min mein sab pada doonga aake

6.Pad likh kar kiska bhala hua hai

7.Haan beta tum bas bolte ho ki grades ke peeche nahi bhagte


Last step: Get insured, you never know when the end is coming

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  1. baluam says:

    very funny esp the insurance bit

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