10 ways to have fun with your classmates after an exam

Welcome to chapter 2 of series “How to be a Socio path”. In Chapter 1¬†we taught you how to troll your friends before an exam , now we teach you how to have fun with them after an exam without getting killed

1. Ask “how was the paper ?”Having fun with friends after the exam

2.Look “More than necessary” happy

3. As soon as you come out of the exam hall ask a random Classmate “Hey how did yo solve Q 9” (Assuming there were only 8 questions)

4.When someone asks how was the paper just say “Too easy” man

5.If there were objective type questions , do not fail to mention that “Why did the Professor keep negative marking?”(Assuming there was none)

6. Catch a random group of classmates discussing a particularly difficult problem and say ” Oh that was solved in class by the prof, were you sleeping?”

7. Drop into every random exam conversation every where and start doing this at the top of your voice “lalalalalalalalala” and tell them you do not want to discuss exams

8.If you here people arguing over the answer of a particular question ,drop in and throw in a random number. Mention that you just confirmed it with he professor.Another good way is that mention that a particular difficult question was from a particular book ,chapter number 7 question number 8. Make sure the book is available in the library and send your classmates on a wild goose chase

9. Keep mentioning “Yaar mere se ratta nahi mara jata” (Dude I cannot just memorize without understanding”) or “yaar mere se arbit nahi likha jata , mein to logical banda/bandi hoon”(I can’t write arbitrarily, i am a very logical person).If someone else mentions this make sure you take offense and say ..”Haan beta hum karein to ratta, tum karo to logic”(If we do it you say we just memorized, if you do it you say you understood the subject)

10.In any discussion do not fail to use one of the following dialogs after every sentence

  • Bhai tu to bond hai
  • Tera kharaab hua aur baaki janta ka kharaab hua bahut alag hai
  • Sale padai tum nahi karte, naam hamara lagate ho
  • Hamein bhi pada diya kar

Make sure you commit these to your memory..Ratt lo

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