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Peon becomes a Project Manager thanks to Corporate Reorganization

Peon becomes PM

+-*From Peon Jeet moved to head peon which was later renamed to Junior administrative Assistant . In one Reorg the idea was to flatten the org, hence Jeet became an associate like everyone else and was allowed to move into softwares . He did not really know how to code and did not even need to as a new reorg was soon on its way to put him into a department with 3 people . One was made a DM , One PM and he was made a Consultant.

Techie diagnosed with Non-NonVeg-itis

yash Karnik

+-*Non-NonVeg-itis usually surfaces around the months from Jan to March, which is right after the wedding season , when, many bachelors used to McDonalds, KFC and the road side non veg junk food are suddenly forced to have a diet of clean, home-made vegetarian food .

#WhiteAndGold and #BlackAndBlue is the new Racism


+-*the color you saw was the color of your soul . People who saw it as white and gold have a purer soul , free of malice and sin while people who saw it as blue and black actually exposed the real color of their sinful soul