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Peon becomes a Project Manager thanks to Corporate Reorganization

Peon becomes PM

+-*From Peon Jeet moved to head peon which was later renamed to Junior administrative Assistant . In one Reorg the idea was to flatten the org, hence Jeet became an associate like everyone else and was allowed to move into softwares . He did not really know how to code and did not even need to as a new reorg was soon on its way to put him into a department with 3 people . One was made a DM , One PM and he was made a Consultant.

Techie diagnosed with Non-NonVeg-itis

yash Karnik

+-*Non-NonVeg-itis usually surfaces around the months from Jan to March, which is right after the wedding season , when, many bachelors used to McDonalds, KFC and the road side non veg junk food are suddenly forced to have a diet of clean, home-made vegetarian food .

#WhiteAndGold and #BlackAndBlue is the new Racism


+-*the color you saw was the color of your soul . People who saw it as white and gold have a purer soul , free of malice and sin while people who saw it as blue and black actually exposed the real color of their sinful soul

Modi Declares he will never again sit on a Dharna

"The first PM" of India

+-*To be consistent with BJP’s stand on calling everyone who does a Dharna as anarchist , PM Narendra Modi Apologized to his supporters to have sat on a dharna back on 2006 as the chief minister of Gujarat and took a shapath to never sit on another Dharna even if the cause is justified.

Is Kiran Bedi Real?

Is Kiran Bedi Real

+-*There is a lot of debate going around in intellectual circles regarding the existence of Kiran Bedi. Is Kiran Bedi Real? Does she exist?